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Battleground Florida

2020 Democratic Candidates

US President

  • Joseph R. Biden                                    JoeBiden.com

Kamala D. Harris  

US Congress District 3

Florida State House District 10

Florida State House District 21

Property Appraiser

  • Ayesha Solomon                                  AyeshaSolomon.com

County Commission District 1      

  • Mary Alford                                           AlfordforAlachua.com

County Commission District 3

  • Anna Prizzia                                          AnnaforAlachua.com

La Papeleta Muestra en español

  • Haga clic en el botón "Sample Ballot" (Papeleta Muestra) para pasar a la página web de la Supervisora de Elecciones (SOE).

  • Introduzca su nombre, apellido y fecha de nacimiento (mes/día/año, así: xx/xx/xxxx) y haga clic en el botón "I am not a robot" (No soy robot) para que aparezca su información de votante. 

  • Bajar hasta la sección "Current Elections" (Elecciones Actuales) y haga clic en "Sample Ballot" (Papeleta Muestra).

  • La Papeleta Muestra en español sigue el en inglés.

Merit Retentions

  • The Blue Wave Coalition of Alachua County is making NO RECOMMENDATIONS on Merit Retention of Supreme Court or 1st DCA Appellate Judges.

  • All of the judges who are up for merit retention votes were appointed by Republican Governors.  If any of these judges are NOT retained as a result of the merit retention vote, their replacement will be appointed by the current Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who also is a Republican.  It is very rare for a judge not to be retained.

  • For more information on the judges see the Florida Bar’s Merit Retention Lawyer’s Poll.

  • NOTE: Voters are not required to fill a bubble for every race on the ballot.

 If you cannot make a decision regarding merit retention, you can skip these questions, rather than delaying return of your ballot.



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